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Every vehicle that roams the streets tells a piece of the story of its owner. These stories vary greatly, but everyone strives to have their story be one of positivity and success. Selecting the right vehicle to show in a subtle way a story of style, success, and elegance while staying versatile and capable is difficult. However, drivers that wish to opt for a luxury car know that Buick vehicles offer an option that is both classy and well respected. Drivers that wish to opt for a Buick that is a compact SUV have an superb choice in a Buick Encore in Miami, FL.

Carefully Crafted Interior
The interior of the Encore is carefully crafted so every detail is paid attention to. While driving, the steering wheel is crucial. As the driver never takes their hands off it, it’s important to have a comfortable and fitting steering wheel. On cold days, clutching a leather steering wheel can feel like touching ice. The Encore solves this issue by offering the heated steering wheel. Another challenge drivers face on cold days is sitting on the cold seat. The driver seat and front passenger seat have available heating so even the coldest day in winter ca be enjoyable from inside the Encore. The seats are also shaped in a specific way so that the back and body of everyone is supported for a cushioned yet sturdy feel. In hopes of adding as much convenience as possible for drivers, the keyless entry is added. The system allows the driver to enter and start their vehicle with a push of a button without ever removing the key from a pocket, purse, or other bag. The front passenger and second row seats may be folded completely flat. This is an incredibly useful feature for storage and transportation to get the most utility out of the luxurious compact SUV. A car ride should be a peaceful experience; a break from the commotion of the outside world. The Encore has seals and various design features in key areas meant to keep out unwanted noise from the cabin of the SUV.

Functional and Beautiful Exterior
The inside of the Encore is something to marvel at, but the exterior is no less incredible. Available LED headlamps allow the Encore to stand out even more and give it a subtle glow that separate it from other cars on the road. The sky above offers is beautiful during the day and at night. The power moonroof is expansive and offers a wide view of the above. The included shade controls also will keep the inside of the vehicle cool even when the sun is at its brightest. The 18 inch 10 spoke wheels further compliment the overall design of the vehicle with their sophisticated appearance of quality and desirability. An aspect of the Encore that can be overlooked is its compact style. The vehicle maintains the appearance and style of a full size SUV without being as bulky and inconvenient in tighter city spaces. The glass on the windows is deeply tinted. Many drivers deeply appreciate this because it can give people an added sense of security for times such as sitting in stand still traffic.

Your 2017 Buick Encore in Miami, FL
The 2017 Buick Encore in Miami, FL is a classic blend of luxury, versatility, and convenience. At Buick GMC of North Miami, visitors have access to a host of beautiful Buick and GMC vehicles of many different styles. Buick GMC of North Miami finance department has options for leasing and financing vehicles that customers can enjoy. Those that are interested may go on the website and fill out an online finance application to begin the process. Buick GMC of North Miami does more than just sell cars however. Buick GMC of North Miami has a service center that can fix up almost issue on a vehicle. For parties that want to complete fixes themselves, the parts department will sell high quality parts at affordable prices. With all these great things in mind, head over to Buick GMC of North Miami today.

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