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Looking for a new car in Miami, Florida? Then come check out the huge inventory of new and used cars available at Buick GMC of North Miami. Out of all the cars in our lot, the Buick Regal in Miami is one of the best ones. The Regal would be a great purchase for anyone looking for a new car because of its unmatched performance, comfortable interior, and advanced safety system.

Unmatched Performance
The Buick Regal has been built to handle the road better than most cars on the market today. One of the reasons it does this is because of what is under the hood. The Regal is powered by a 182 horsepower engine which puts plenty of power at your pedal. Another feature that Buick gives you the option of installing in the Regal is an all-wheel-drive system. This all-wheel-drive system will allow you to stay in control of the car even when road conditions take a turn for the worst. This all-wheel-drive system also helps you to make turns better. All of these features and many more help contribute to the Buick Regal’s unmatched performance.

Comfortable Interior
The interior of the Buick Regal has been designed to keep all passengers comfortable and also entertained thanks to the plethora of technology you can have installed in it. The seats in the Regal have been designed with premium materials so that you can stay comfortable even on the longest road trips. The Buick Regal has also been built with Buick IntelliLink. This piece of technology allows you to connect your phone to the car so that you can answer calls or change the song while on the road trip. One piece of technology that you can have installed in the Regal is a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. This feature will let you to catch up with work or stream a movie while on a long road trip. All of these features and many more will help you to stay comfortable and entertained while you are on the road.

Advanced Safety System
The safety system that is in the Buick Regal has been built features that will not only protect passengers, but also attempts to prevent passengers from occurring in the first place. The Regal has been built with an advanced airbag system that will protect passengers when a collision occurs. In an attempt to prevent collisions the Regal can have safety feature like side blind zone alert and lane change alert installed in the car. The available side blind zone alert and lane change alert notifies the driver when someone is passing through your blind spot or approaching you from the rear so you know not to turn. Another available safety feature for your new Regal is forward collision alert. This safety feature detects when a there is a potential collision and alerts the driver both visually and audibly. All of these safety features and many more help you and all of your passengers to stay safe and secure while you are driving around town.

Come Check Out the Buick Regal in Miami Today!
The Buick Regal in Miami would be one of the best options for a new car because of its amazing performance, fantastic interior, and first class safety system. If you need to have any work done on your car or need a simple oil change, then bring the car to your to the expert mechanics in our service department. If you need to set up a payment plan for your new car, then check with our fantastic finance department and they will find you the perfect one. But above all, come down to Buick GMC of North Miami and check out the fantastic Buick Regal today.

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